KimN & Nic ~ TWILIGHT!!!

28 05 2009

As you may have noticed, we both count the Twilight series as an essential piece of our top reads.  We have been ramping up for a huge Twilight post since the day we christened this blog.  At the sign of a fellow Twilight lover’s own blog post, we decided it was time to begin!  Claire Colvin, you have put in to words what we could not express – we have struggled for many a moon to get to this point.  Now we better give you something good…

twilight newmoon Eclipse breakingdawn

So, where do we start with this epic 4-book series for teenagers? Well, first of all… its NOT just for teenagers.  Even Kim’s mom has read them!  On a side note, sometimes it can take a little convincing for a non-teenager to pick up a smash hit teenage book, at first.  It didn’t take so much convincing to pick up books 2,3, & 4.  It all actually started when Kim’s sister-in-law, Kristi, raved about Twilight at a family dinner.  Soon after that, Kim picked up the book at Costco for a mere $7, figuring that if it wasn’t so great it was only $7 anyways.  Well…. to cut to the chase, the book was GREAT and Kim absolutely flew threw it, no longer embarassed about reading a teenage vampire love story, she raved about it to everyone.  Next challenge, convincing Nicole that the book was truly THAT Great and she absolutely HAD to read it!

Nic was not about to read this book.  No way, no how.  She had just started hearing all this crazy insanity spilling forth from Tiger Beat and Teen People, and to be honest, it disgusted her.  Another tweeny bop, pop culture phenom was not something she was interested in involving herself in.  Simpletons.  So imagine her dismay when her astoundingly smart, well read and educated (not to mention astoundingly beautiful) best friend Kimberly started beaking off about these books.  Foreshame.  But Kim kept talking about just how amazing this book was.  So much so, that Nicole read it just to be able to say “OK!  I read it! And it sucked!”.  Jokes on her, cause my bad attitiude sucked!  Yeah, she read ’em.  And yeah, she FLIPPING LOVED IT.  In fact, she read the book over Christmas break.  In fact, she was so sucked into this book series that upon the completion of the book, and after the realization that she had NO access to the next book, became physically sick.  Nicole had to contact Kim and be reassured that life would be ok.  Nicole has read all of these books at least 8 times.  At least.  Judge her.  Judge her all you want.  Because she already judges herself far more harshly on this matter than anyone else ever could.  Nicole had now made it her life’s goal to enlighten all people to the fact that their happiness is pivotal to the reading of this series.

Stay tuned for more upcoming thoughts on the Twilight Saga.


Nic ~ A Fraction of the Whole

25 05 2009

A Fraction of the Whole by Steve Toltz

I saw this book at Costco, and I will be honest, I liked that the cover had holes in it. Cool.  Then I noticed that it said “shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize” and that caught my attention, much like any book with that written on it does.  So I gave the back a read, and it sounded great, AND people said this book was really funny.  So, a win win right?  Here is what I understand so far about this book:  Man is in jail, recounting the story of growing up with his highly eccentric father.  The story spans years and various continents, and numerous interactions with friends and family that have shaped the life of not only the father, but the son.  I’m only about 15 pages in, and it’s already LOL funny, and also somehow seemingly poingnant.  So, I am excited to keep reading and see what develops.

KimN ~ Harry Potter Book 6

24 05 2009

Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince ~ JK Rowling




In honour of the movie coming out in June I thought I’d refresh my memory on Harry Potter 6.  Maybe this way I’ll remember more of the details that the movie missed than my husband does (who has read each HP book like 5 times and seems to remember everything FAR better than me!).

I won’t comment on this because we all already know that I love it and think its fabulous 🙂 It is on my all-time favourites list, after all!

Finished a few days ago… still LOVE it!! Craziest HP ending is definitely this book!

KimN ~ Mistaken Identity

24 05 2009

Mistaken Identity ~ True Story written by the families involved


I first heard about this book from my Auntie Joyce a couple of months ago, she highly recommended it and everyone at the table at the time had heard of the story in the news in April/May 2006 except for a few of us (me included! note to self – watch the news more!).  A couple weeks later my brother’s girlfriend, Brittany, came back from a trip to Ontario with a copy of the book that she said I just had to read!  I was warned that it was a teary read, so I didn’t take it on our recent trip – crying on the airplane ride to Texas next to people I don’t know… probably not the best idea!  I finished up The Other Boleyn Girl and picked this book up on Monday – I haven’t put it down since, I’m over half-way already… its a wonderful, encouraging, heart-breaking story.  I’d better stop here… I’m not finished reading it yet!

3 evenings later I finished this book.  Wow, I really could NOT put this book down… and lost some sleep over it.  I have to admit that at first I was a little skeptical about this book because it was written by the the parents (amateurs) with the help of Mark Tabb (a writer)… so I wasn’t expecting much more beyond the details of the story.  BUT… the way the book was written is so engaging!  The Van Ryn family had chosen to use a blog while they were taking care of “their daughter” in the hospital after the accident, as a way to update family and friends on her status.  The book uses excerpts of their blog posts to move the storyline along… it is very moving as these are the real thoughts and words and not just a recollection of how they felt at the time.  Very moving!

I was totally amazed by the way that both the Van Ryn’s and Cerak’s reacted to their initial situations, and then again to the realization that their daughter’s identities were mistaken for each other.  Their strength & faith in God was just an amazing testament to the power of God & the Holy Spirit.  I can’t even imagine the numerous ways that these 2 families experiences and reactions have impacted people all over the world for the Lord!  With this book there is no question that their influence will continue.  If you are looking for a true testament of love and God’s grace I would suggest that you pick up this book.

Nic ~ You Suck

21 05 2009

(that’s the name of the book, not just my opinion of you)

You Suck: A Love Story by Christopher Moore

we’ll see how this one goes…I’m trying to read all vampire related books at once, since so much of the folk lore is still fresh in me head.

Finished this on May 24, 3 days later… it was alright.  Very comical at some points, but overall a lot darker of a book then i would normally read.  I think this is probably the norm for a Christopher Moore book.  I did really enjoy the way that the book was written from the various character’s point of views.  Part of this book was even written as journal entries, which really cracked me up, as they were a completely sideways look at what had just happened in the previous chapter.  Overall, a funny, easy to read book, but it lacked in real character development, and took big hop, skips and jumps in the plot line.  I do though think that this may be completely fine, and something the author was aware of when writing.  Just the style.

Nic ~ The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie

20 05 2009

The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie by Alan Bradley

So far I think this book is crazy awesome.  In short:  Pre-pubescent girl with a slightly evil streak who is obsessed with chemistry; particularily poison…2 slighly more evil older sister…a dead man found in her garden…a father who has been taken away in pretenses of being a cohort in the murder…and the awesomeness quickly insues.  Upon the arrival of a dead bird with a stamp stuck on it’s beak, the deaths start happening, and dear, plotting Flavia sets out to try and solve the murder to clear her fathers name.  It’s also really quite comical, so, bonus.

WHENCE UPON MY COMPLETION OF SAID BOOK, I found it to be smashing!  An absolute delight.  Man, murder mystery caper plus a good character study of a burgeoning young woman coming into her own.  PLUS, oh so funny! very smart, very witty, very genius!  I almost don’t even know what to write.  Flavia gets all the more entangled and invested in her murderous mystery, and is poking her devious little nose into every cook and crevice that she can.  Sooner than later she is in quite possibly far to deep for her own good.  All her tricks of the trade are put to the test, and she now has to use every evil and sneaky little trick up her sleeve to survive.  Will she?  Well i don’t want to ruin it.  But i will.  There is a second book coming out soon.  Plus, I think the whole world would agree that killing off a  genius 11 year old completely precocious chemistry prodigy heroine would be mighty low.

Kim N ~ The Other Boleyn Girl

20 05 2009

The Other Boleyn Girl ~ Philippa Gregory

Another movie tie-in book… I really enjoyed this movie, and I enjoy historical novels so here goes nothing!…


I was actually surprised at how much I liked this novel, despite the fact that it was a daunting 672 pages.  I say daunting because even people who love historical fiction probably feel like they are never going to get through a historical novel over 500 pgs.  Regardless of the fact that I did enjoy it, it felt sooo long!  I had to take a break to read a different book in between.

While reading this book, I had many a conversation with Nicole on the way to work about how unbelievable the lives of people in this era seemed.  Can you imagine being in competition with your closest sibling for the position of queen, and taking crazy measures to ensure that you give your king a son – no matter WHAT the cost?  I couldn’t believe some of the things that Anne would do to try to secure her place – I just can’t believe that families pushed their daughters to these types of behaviour in an attempt to secure their future, and in an era when there is no such thing as secure!  Everything just changes in the wink of the next girl’s eye.  This book definitely deserves the tag ‘Scandals & Animals’!  Talk about being thankful that I am living in the 21st century!