Nic ~ Sheer Mischief

8 08 2009

Sheer Mischief ~ Jill Mansell

After reading Of Mice and Men, I decided it was time again for a nice fluffy easy read.  I really like Mansell’s work.  She writes breezy stories that wrap up layers and layers of characters to provide a easy, comical, endearing read.

This book focuses on a pair of sisters, one a fun loving man eater, and one a stay at home, hardworking woman who cannot remember the last time she threw caution to the wind.  So far it’s been light hearted and cominal.  I’m almost done, and looking forward to see what sort of hilarious hijinks will cap the book off.

OK. Done like dinner.  A while ago too, but truth be told, I am just awful the last little while at updating as soon as I am finished.  So this book was exactly what I expected.  In fact, it had a few more details and quasi serious plot twists than I was expecting.  But I don’t want to ruin it for anyone.  It in all was a fun, jaunty little read.  The author never expects anything other than a good time and I sincerely appreciate that.  I know where to go when I want a fluff and stuff book, and Mansell continues to deliver with just the right amount of British comedy and hi jinks.




One response

8 08 2009

Sounds suspiciously like In Her Shoes… at least the 2 sisters bit! I think I’ll have to borrow a Mansell from you soon!

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