Need 2 Know

What you need to know about the “That’s 2 For the Books” Blog…

Vision Statement:

We aim to devour books by the dozens, and share our thoughts on them to you – the world (that is, assuming that we have more visitors than just our moms).  Our only hope is that you will consider our thoughts on each read and chose your next book wisely!  Simple as that.

Fence Posts (further explanation):


  • Chic-Lit ~ No, not the gum ~
  • Literary Classics ~ You should have read this 50 years ago.
  • Nail Biters ~ I feel nervous…
  • Science Fiction/Fantasy ~ Han Solo, Captain Kirk, or Isaac Asimov himself might show up. And it wouldn’t surprise you.
  • Popular Fiction ~ Everyone who’s anyone is reading it.

About the Authors:


gettin my book smarts on

Huh…well I’m not sure how interesting this is going to be.  I’m basically a very boring person. But I may as well start and get this over with…

I like Kim. She works very hard to keep me on track as I sway and deter, and lose my keys for the 3rd time in one day. I like lots of other people too; but they don’t have a blog with me. I work for a living. I mostly boss people around; it works well for me. I have a slight addiction to converse sneakers and anything purple. Star Wars rules, and if you disagree, I probably have no reason to talk to you, ever. I know the exact path that blood takes to pass through the heart, and in a pinch, could neuter a cat. I believe that sarcasm is the 8th wonder of the world. I am a collector of random facts, and I cry when I watch whale documentaries. I don’t believe in lines, boxes, or parameters; they don’t exist in my world. Daft Punk and Passion Pit make me shake my money maker, and I always sing at the very top of my lungs. I’ve been lapping up books like a blind man seeing for the first time since I can remember, and I have no plans of ever stopping. Hottest ever? An education. Go get yourself one.


Kim & Jamie

Here are a few things you might want to know about me… I recently married my husband Jamie in July/08.  I am currently focusing on working on the database as part of the Advancement Dept. at Power to Change Ministries.  Some of my favourite things (besides reading books, of course) are watching movies, drinking Starbucks coffees, going on holidays, taking photos, listening to music, and hanging out with our family & friends!  You can take a look at my personal blog if you want to know more ~

Jamie & I on our Honeymoon in Mexico Taking Pictures Nic & I at my wedding - she was a bridesmaid, of course!

I have always loved to read, in fact, the first steps I took as a baby were toward a book my mom was holding to entice me.  I have recently rediscovered that love, and wanted a way to share it with both my best friend, Nicole, and the world of the world wide web.  So, it is here that I will attempt to put my BA in Engligh Lit to use ~ Enjoy!


2 responses

29 03 2009

I love your site. Keep it up !

29 03 2009

Thanks for the comment, knowledgetoday! Its nice to know that people we don’t know are reading our blog too 🙂

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