KimN ~ 1984

26 02 2010

1984 ~ George Orwell

Feb 4 ~ I never read this book in high school but I’m sure I’m going to appreciate it more now anyhow.

Feb. 26 ~ I finished this book last weekend.  I guess I’ve been delaying writing this post becuase I’m not sure what my thoughts on this book are.  I kind of felt like I should have been paying more attention while I was reading or something, because I was not left feeling like this is a fabulous and ground-breaking novel, like many people seem to think. 

If you can enlighten me, or if you feel as do about 1984, please leave a comment! Maybe we can figure this one out together…


Nic ~ The Great Gatsby

11 01 2010

The Great Gatsby – F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Great American Novel says what?

chicken butt.


chicken thigh.

Maybe it’s because I read this book full of expectations, maybe because I whisked through it because it looked little, maybe because I didn’t put enough effort into it….Maybe it’s because I am not American.

But I don’t get it.  I think that I am going to read it again.  Slowly, and with focus, and intention.

I suppose that I can see why this would be considered a great literary work…the story itself is interesting, characters on the whole are rich and seemingly dimensional.  Touching upon the “Jazz Age”, prohibition, organized crime, love, jealousy,  the relationship between the pride of being priviledgde and the fall of the materialistic.  It was a piece of literature, that actually upon it’s first arrival to publication, did very poorly, but over time garnered a huge success and following.  And I am able to see the attributes that would gain it this following, but I am feeling far to high minded about it to myself be a respectful fan.

I just think Nick is a take me for a ride pansy, Daisy is a quasi tempting poison, and that Gatsby is a wiener.

I seriously will read this again soon and write a more apt review.

Nic ~ Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

21 09 2009

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies ~ Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith

Of late, I had been hearing about and seeing this book pop up often.  The cover alone caught my eye every time I saw it at Chapters, and caused a snicker to bequeath itself every time out my nose.

Pretty much Kim and I needed to spend more money to get free shipping, and this bad boy was on sale with our iRewards for like $10 so BOOYA just went on ahead and ordered.  I was trying to put this off and read my Stieg Larsson duitully, but you come to a point in life where you just throw caution to the wind and give into that siren that has been luring you acrross the foggy water for so long.

Hoh boy, am I glad I did.  This book is genius.  It takes Jane Austen’s literary classic, and in between Jane’s eloquent words and inept story line, throws in zombies and guns and marshal arts.  I’m going to keep reading, just to see what happens in this version, but I can already fully declare that I smell a win.

KimN ~ Northanger Abbey

20 08 2009

Northanger Abbey ~ Jane Austen

naIts beyond time for a classic piece of literature… this was the only one not still buried in a moving box!

~~~ Finished this book last night.  I’ve come to the conclusion that I am just in a Popular Fiction mode right now… I felt like this book took me FOREVER to read!  And, it was under 200 pages, haha.  So, lets look at it from the point of view that it is an Austen novel, and her first one published to boot.  Pretty good!

You get a sense that this novel acurately reflects the times and especially the naivety of young ladies just entering society.  Charlotte, the central character, is very sweet, kind-hearted, and super naive.  You kind of feel like smacking her back to reality as she flits along beside John Thorpe, a guy who obviously thinks he is courting her for marriage but she is NOT interested in.

There are a few times that Austen slips in to what feels like a lecture or a rant about society at the time, these are some of the most enjoyable parts of the novel.  You feel like you are truly hearing from Austen.

Well, thats all I can think of to say about this novel right now! Hope those of you who have read it enjoy it too!

Of Mice and Men

24 06 2009

Of Mice and Men ~ John Steinbeck

I got sidetracked from the other book i was reading, because it is taking so long to finish it.  I decided I just wanted a nice quick read that would make my brain feel vastly superior to my brain of the last few weeks.  I started this today, should finish it tomorrow.  Nice compact little read.  Timeless classic.

I don’t know that I have alot to review on this book.  It is quite the well known story, and I had read it many years ago, as well as seen the play.  It is a bit of a dark, potent work, but it conveys a side of life that I would never really know about otherwise.  All in all, a good read, and one that any serious reader should invest the short amount of time that it takes to read.

KimN ~ The Rainbow

28 03 2009

The Rainbow ~ D.H. Lawrence

March 12 ~ My track record so far on this blog consists mostly of popular fiction, so I thought I’d better pick up a Literary Classic for my next read!  This book was actually recommended to me by my friend Kat, who read it for an English Lit course at UFV and thought I’d like it.

I had a thought, when compiling this intro post… there are often so many different covers for novels as they get older, its crazy!  I’m going to try to always post the novel cover that reflects the actual book I’m reading… it will probably be an indicator as to how old it is!


March 28 ~ Praise the Lord – I’m finally finished reading this book.  I have to be totally honest and admit that it was a tough 418 pages for me to get through and I’m very happy that it is finally over!  This book didn’t really follow in the footsteps of previous DH Lawrence books that I have read, and I was a little disappointed.  The book follows 3-generations of the Brangwen family, focusing roughly on the 3 generations of women – Lydia, Anna, & Ursula.  Lydia & Anna’s stories generally follow the highs and lows of each woman’s relationship with her husband.  The book goes on for 50+ pages of Anna considering reasons why she hates her husband, and then flips to reasons why she loves her husband in the same breath.  Most of this is written from an omniscient point of view, which means that there is little dialogue and ALOT of description.  The story picks up a little bit when Ursula (Anna’s eldest daughter) becomes the focus, as she deals more with the issues that face her as she tries to determine her direction in life – to become a wife or not, how to be recognized as an entity/person separate from the rest of the Brangwens, etc.

Interestingly though, this novel was actually banned or, to be more specific, impounded by police after it was published in 1915 because it was considered too obscene.  After reading this in the introduction I was expecting a few shocking or scandalous moments in the novel.  Lawrence goes about as far as saying that his characters laid together and were lovers… not so scandalous in today’s day and age.  It is really interesting to consider that this novel was thought of as SO obscene that it was taken away from public eyes, but today sexuality is broad-casted at an explicit level in a number of different mediums – books, television/movies, internet, and even billboards.  I find that really sad… and I don’t even want to think about where we will be in another 100 years.

Don’t read this book if you are looking for a quick, fun, or easy read.  Read this book if you want to dig in to the relationships, themes, and the world of the 18th century… I’m sure if I was still taking classes for my English Lit degree that I would have appreciated or pulled out more from this novel!