Nic ~ Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

21 09 2009

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies ~ Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith

Of late, I had been hearing about and seeing this book pop up often.  The cover alone caught my eye every time I saw it at Chapters, and caused a snicker to bequeath itself every time out my nose.

Pretty much Kim and I needed to spend more money to get free shipping, and this bad boy was on sale with our iRewards for like $10 so BOOYA just went on ahead and ordered.  I was trying to put this off and read my Stieg Larsson duitully, but you come to a point in life where you just throw caution to the wind and give into that siren that has been luring you acrross the foggy water for so long.

Hoh boy, am I glad I did.  This book is genius.  It takes Jane Austen’s literary classic, and in between Jane’s eloquent words and inept story line, throws in zombies and guns and marshal arts.  I’m going to keep reading, just to see what happens in this version, but I can already fully declare that I smell a win.


Nic ~ The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

21 09 2009

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo ~ Stieg Larsson

dtWell, all the cool kids were doing it.

September 21 – I could not get a good handle on this book.  Every time I tried to get into it, I found myself kind of bored and unitersted instead.  Kim urged me to push onward and promised that it did indeed pick up.  And it’s not that I doubt her, I believe her.  It’s just that life is short and times-a-wastin, so I dumped this book for now with intentions of picking it back up in a later time when I want to take a crack at it again and I have the time and energy to actually give it a half-assed try.  You know.  Like what some nameless boy might have done to me at some point in time.  You know who you are.

KimN ~ The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

6 09 2009

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo ~ Stieg Larsson

dtAug 20 ~ Truth be told, I don’t really know what this book is about BUT… its a bestseller and it was highly recommended to me.  Here goes nothing!

Aug 30 ~ Since this book is taking me a while to get through (I am about half way in to the 800 or so pages) I thought I’d give  a little update.  It took me about 150 pages before I really got in to this book.  The first 150 pages basically introduced the central and supporting characters, and in my opinion, dragged it out a little too long before digging in to the guts of the story.  The guts, however, are so far very intriguing.

Since starting this novel and first hearing about Stieg Larsson I have also learned that he actually died in 2004.  I was very confused becuase his next book The Girl Who Played With Fire was just released.  And apparently there is a 3rd book in the series that will likely be released sometime in the near future.  From what I have read so far the literary world has suffered a great loss – at least I have 2 more books to read still!

All right… I’m off to the patio to continue reading this book now!

Sept 4 ~ I finished this book on Friday night.  This was a long and complex novel.  There are probably lots of things I could say about it, so I’ll try to sum it up for you!  If you start this book and you feel like its moving a little slow, just keep going – it gets better and better as it starts speeding towards the finish.  It also gets a little creepy and disturbing, as Blomkvist & Salander (the 2 unusually coupled heroes of the novel) piece together the answers to the disappearance of Harriet Vanger 30+ years ago.  There are so many facets to this novel that are not even suggested by the little summary blurb on the back.  It is definitely worth reading, but be prepared for the creepy/disturbing bits to suprise you when they suddenly come up.

KimN ~ The Last Oracle

8 08 2009

The Last Oracle ~ James Rollins

tloI picked up the next book in James Rollins’ ‘Sigma’ series (sort of a series, but each book can be read on its own) for $5 from Chapters and brought it along for a long weekend away at my Uncle’s cabin.  Perfect choice!  This book was a great follow-up to The Judas Strain and I really enjoyed it.  I’m excited to read further in the series – I need to go back to the couple of books that go before The Judas Strain

I really like the way that Rollins weaves together a story that is based on historical events and religious myths, and makes it play out in the present day – the plots that he is able to imagine growing out of these myths are amazing and horrifying.  Good thing we have the trusty hero from Sigma- Gray Pierce – and the other Sigma members… including the surprise, tearful return of an old friend (just a teaser that you will only understand if you’ve read the previous).

I’ve mentioned before that I really enjoy a book that teaches me about something, and Rollins doesn’t disappoint.  From learning about Oracles in the days of the Greek, to the history of Romanian Gypsies, to the existence of autistics that have incredible ‘savant’ talents, Rollins takes you on a quick educational spin around the world.  I especially appreciate how Rollins includes a little ‘Fact or Fiction’ section at the end of his novels.  This section informs you of what was actually true in his novels, and what was elaborated on as part of the story.  Interestingly, Rollins very much stays true to the facts and builds his story around those facts by creating the characters and plot around them.

This is an excellent action/adventure/thriller novel and I highly recommend it.

KimN ~ The Judas Strain

15 07 2009

The Judas Strain ~ James Rollins

jsThis last weekend we went away to Jamie’s uncle & aunt’s cabin up in 100 Mile and low and behold, there was a library in the cabin!  Hundreds of books… it took me a long time to pour over them all to decided which one to read.  After whittling my pile down to 2 books I read the first chapter of each and then continued on with the one that grabbed me the most – The Judas Strain.  I think this book grabbed me because it is exactly like the books I used to love to read (specifically Criton), but exactly unlike the books I have been reading of late (cue Picoult & Niffenegger).  The book focused on biological & historical mysteries and has roped me back in to loving the adventure/thriller genre… I can’t wait to read more and am happy to have discovered a new author (who is apparently a New York Times bestseller… man I miss a lot!).  Prior to picking up this book I had never even heard of James Rollins, but I have a feeling that I will be purchasing more of his novels for sure!

KimN ~ Harry Potter #7

4 06 2009

Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows ~ JK Rowling


So, I was totally planning on reading The Time Travelers Wife next, BUT after reading HP 6 I had to keep going!  I hadn’t read any HP for a year or so, and because I’ve only read HP 7 once (I know… shame on me), I didn’t even remember what happened!  I just had to read it again.  It is so much fun to re-read a book and a series that you LOVE again… its like I’m reading it for the first time.  And, it is amazing!

And, yes, I did categorize this book as a Nail-Biter! The conclusion to a great 7-part series about wizards… good and evil… how could that NOT be a nail-biter?  Love it!

DONE!  Finished 2 nights ago… still LOVE it!

Nic ~ You Suck

21 05 2009

(that’s the name of the book, not just my opinion of you)

You Suck: A Love Story by Christopher Moore

we’ll see how this one goes…I’m trying to read all vampire related books at once, since so much of the folk lore is still fresh in me head.

Finished this on May 24, 3 days later… it was alright.  Very comical at some points, but overall a lot darker of a book then i would normally read.  I think this is probably the norm for a Christopher Moore book.  I did really enjoy the way that the book was written from the various character’s point of views.  Part of this book was even written as journal entries, which really cracked me up, as they were a completely sideways look at what had just happened in the previous chapter.  Overall, a funny, easy to read book, but it lacked in real character development, and took big hop, skips and jumps in the plot line.  I do though think that this may be completely fine, and something the author was aware of when writing.  Just the style.