Nic ~ The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie

20 05 2009

The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie by Alan Bradley

So far I think this book is crazy awesome.  In short:  Pre-pubescent girl with a slightly evil streak who is obsessed with chemistry; particularily poison…2 slighly more evil older sister…a dead man found in her garden…a father who has been taken away in pretenses of being a cohort in the murder…and the awesomeness quickly insues.  Upon the arrival of a dead bird with a stamp stuck on it’s beak, the deaths start happening, and dear, plotting Flavia sets out to try and solve the murder to clear her fathers name.  It’s also really quite comical, so, bonus.

WHENCE UPON MY COMPLETION OF SAID BOOK, I found it to be smashing!  An absolute delight.  Man, murder mystery caper plus a good character study of a burgeoning young woman coming into her own.  PLUS, oh so funny! very smart, very witty, very genius!  I almost don’t even know what to write.  Flavia gets all the more entangled and invested in her murderous mystery, and is poking her devious little nose into every cook and crevice that she can.  Sooner than later she is in quite possibly far to deep for her own good.  All her tricks of the trade are put to the test, and she now has to use every evil and sneaky little trick up her sleeve to survive.  Will she?  Well i don’t want to ruin it.  But i will.  There is a second book coming out soon.  Plus, I think the whole world would agree that killing off a  genius 11 year old completely precocious chemistry prodigy heroine would be mighty low.