KimN ~ In Her Shoes

8 08 2009

In Her Shoes ~ Jennifer Weiner

In Her ShoesI finished this book a little while ago, but things have been so busy because we went away for the weekend and then moved in to our new house this week!  So, in light of all of these recent events, and the fact that I read another book that I haven’t posted about yet either, I’m going to keep this short.

This was the first Weiner book I’ve read and I thought it was great.  It was a fun and well written piece of chick-lit and I’ll definitely pick up another Weiner book in the future.  I saw the movie version of this book, probably 3 yrs ago, and although the characters in the movie stayed very true to the characters in the book I seem to remember a few significant differences in the story-line.  I’ll have to watch the movie again to compare.

I really enjoyed the rich, detailed descriptions of the characters of Rose and Maggie – Weiner did a great job of developing their characters throughout the novel, as their priorities and relationships significantly change.  Overall, this was a great read and I would recommend it for a day at the beach!