Nic ~ Sheer Mischief

8 08 2009

Sheer Mischief ~ Jill Mansell

After reading Of Mice and Men, I decided it was time again for a nice fluffy easy read.  I really like Mansell’s work.  She writes breezy stories that wrap up layers and layers of characters to provide a easy, comical, endearing read.

This book focuses on a pair of sisters, one a fun loving man eater, and one a stay at home, hardworking woman who cannot remember the last time she threw caution to the wind.  So far it’s been light hearted and cominal.  I’m almost done, and looking forward to see what sort of hilarious hijinks will cap the book off.

OK. Done like dinner.  A while ago too, but truth be told, I am just awful the last little while at updating as soon as I am finished.  So this book was exactly what I expected.  In fact, it had a few more details and quasi serious plot twists than I was expecting.  But I don’t want to ruin it for anyone.  It in all was a fun, jaunty little read.  The author never expects anything other than a good time and I sincerely appreciate that.  I know where to go when I want a fluff and stuff book, and Mansell continues to deliver with just the right amount of British comedy and hi jinks.


Nic ~ Books I read In-Betweenie like a WEENIE

8 05 2009

So.  I have been WEAK SAUCE with my keeping up on the posting. What can I say, work was acting up, and the MAN was keeping me down… The last post from me was months ago, and in all honesty, I still have NOT finished the Memory Keeper’s Daughter.  It’s like, a sad book, and when I started reading it I just wasn’t in the right place to read a sad book.  So I lay it aside and read OHHH, about a million H.R Pufnstuf-Fluff books (? confused, don’t act like you don’t know).  BUT.  I haven’t quit reading.  Quite the opposite.  I was simply reading too viciously and at TOO fast a rate to slow down and write about my books.  And I have now come full circle, temporarily relieving myself of my unnerving need to feel happy and mushy and believe in the dumb dumb heroin finding love among the laughter.  So here, I shall list all of the books I read In-Betweenie, while I took a break from serious literature, like a WEENIE to focus on the Silly-Willy-Billy-Nilly-Happy Time Books.  Please note, I shall write NO reviews for any of these books.  I simply haven’t the time…


  • An Offer You Can’t Refuse
  • Millie’s Fling
  • Good at Games


  • Glitter Baby
  • Ain’t She Sweet
  • Breathing Room


  • Sookie Stackhouse Series 1-8

Nic ~ Judging By A Cover

29 03 2009

An Offer You Can’t Refuse ~ Jill Mansell

I am almost embarrassed to admit why I bought this book…FINE.  I’ll admit it!!! I JUDGED THIS BOOK BY IT’S COVER.  Look at it!  It’s so pretty.  On Kimberly’s and I’s weekly lunch time pilgrimage to Chapters, I stop and look at this book every time.  It’s one of the ones that the devious Chapters employees have places face up instead of binding up.  No doubt, due to it’s lovely exterior that they know people will stop to look and and then have the urge to purchase.  I feel stressed out already, because this is only one of the many beautifully bound books that this author has published.  Hopefully the books are actually worth it, ’cause I am buying ’em either way.

Supposedly, Jill Mansell is one of Britain’s largest selling authors, and spins deliciously fluffy tales of Chick-Lit.  Which I am more than welcoming to at the moment, my readings of late have been a little more serious.  This book deals with a girl who at the urging of her boyfriends mother, breaks up with him and takes a large sum of money to never talk to him again.  This is of course, all under the pretense of a dark and looming family secret that is set to hurt the love of her life if she does not.  Cut to years later, when she stumbles across him, and they realize that OOOP! they still have feelings (WHAT?!?!? giant shocker….) for one another.  So.  I go into this book with the hopes of being delighted, and then as I near the ever-promising picture perfect ending, I am sure that I will be leaving with a sense of bitterness.  Should be good!

This book was one quick read! Seiously, it only took me a few hours, time flew by as I was reading this one; I could not put it down!  Which is a good thing for a book.  It was really light hearted and breezy and I had more than one laugh out loud moment.  The book eneded up being pretty much what I was expected, although there were a few things that surprised me, mostly pleasantly.  The main surprise was that this book actually took on a bit of a deeper level than I had initiall expected.  There was a thread involving a meeting of long lost people…I don’t want to give it away in case people read this book, but it was a sweet reunion.  Also, this book wove much deeper relationships between the characters than I had expected.  I mean, sure in the end it was al lovey dovey and blah blah like I knew it would be, but in between the covers, I found a few moments of actual reflection into my own relations with friends, and of people that have come and gone and maybe showed up again in my own life.  I think that this is just the epitome of Chick-Lit.  Sassy heroine who is down on her luck, great girlfriends to advise her, even though their own lives are a total mess, and heaps of supposedly good looking men milling about.  Grand Slam.  Also, I really enjoyed how very British this book was, it gives it a whole other appeal.  So, if you are looking for a fun, flitty little read and want to have a few laughs, and be reminded that yes love is most likely out there, and if it hasn’t found you it will sooner or later than pick up this one and give it a try.  Plus, come on….look at that cover….so pretty!