KimN ~ Harry Potter #7

4 06 2009

Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows ~ JK Rowling


So, I was totally planning on reading The Time Travelers Wife next, BUT after reading HP 6 I had to keep going!  I hadn’t read any HP for a year or so, and because I’ve only read HP 7 once (I know… shame on me), I didn’t even remember what happened!  I just had to read it again.  It is so much fun to re-read a book and a series that you LOVE again… its like I’m reading it for the first time.  And, it is amazing!

And, yes, I did categorize this book as a Nail-Biter! The conclusion to a great 7-part series about wizards… good and evil… how could that NOT be a nail-biter?  Love it!

DONE!  Finished 2 nights ago… still LOVE it!


KimN ~ Harry Potter Book 6

24 05 2009

Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince ~ JK Rowling




In honour of the movie coming out in June I thought I’d refresh my memory on Harry Potter 6.  Maybe this way I’ll remember more of the details that the movie missed than my husband does (who has read each HP book like 5 times and seems to remember everything FAR better than me!).

I won’t comment on this because we all already know that I love it and think its fabulous 🙂 It is on my all-time favourites list, after all!

Finished a few days ago… still LOVE it!! Craziest HP ending is definitely this book!