KimN ~ Julie & Julia

4 02 2010

Julie & Julia ~ Julie Powell

Jan. 26 ~ I recently watched the movie Julie & Julia with my mom, and I wondered what the book that inspired the movie was like.  It was sitting on my bookshelf because I had picked it up for $5 from Chapters Online so I thought I’d give it a go.  50-pages in I am finding it to be clever and humorous.  Julie is a likable character – the kind of person you want to be friends with and you pity at the same time.  Stay tuned for more thoughts!

Feb 4 ~ I apologize for the delay in my review of this book.  It was a quick read and I finished it a few nights ago but have been fighting off headaches all week long and haven’t wanted to stare at a computer screen longer than I have to!  I really enjoyed this book… my one complaint is probably that it isn’t long enough!  Julie’s free-flowing style of prose was so easy to follow and kept me attentive the whole way through its mere 300 or so pages.

Julie Powell spontaneously decides to cook her way through Julia Child’s cookbook, Mastering the Art of French Cooking-Vol. 1, in 1 year.  That equals 524 recipes in 365 days.  Quite the ambitious decision if you ask me!  She cataloged her escapades on a blog and her experience resulted in a book deal for this novel (and as you all know, a movie based on the book starring 2 amazing female actresses).  The style of the book is much like the style of a blog – kind of a stream-of-consciousness style.  Julie tells you exactly what she is thinking and jumps around talking about different aspects of her life, while tying them all together with her experiences cooking the various eccentric French culinary dishes.

The story inspired me.  I won’t begin cooking my way through a French cookbook by any means, but it has caused me to question what I could be doing differently in my life.  How could I challenge myself, as Julie challenged herself?  And, what could the benefits of that challenge end up being?  A publishing deal, surely not, but what else could arise?