KimN ~ A Spot of Bother

4 04 2009

A Spot of Bother ~ Mark Haddon

March 28 ~ I needed a break mid-read through The Rainbow (and I mistakenly or conveniently – depends on how you look at it – left it at work overnight), so I picked up A Spot of Bother for a couple of reasons. 

  1. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Mark Haddon’s novel The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time – if you have not read this I suggest you do so immediately, it is a phenomenal book!  
  2. It is 1 of the stack of probably 10 or so books that I have borrowed from Nicole… I figure I’d better try to get some of them back to her sooner or later. 
  3. I needed a fun and engaging book to power through after dragging my heels through my read-through of The Rainbow! 

So… I’m already about 50 pgs in, I’ll report back to you sooner than later!

On another note – Nicole gave me my very own copy of The Time Traveler’s Wife for my birthday today!  I can’t wait to read it – after reading her review of it a couple of weeks ago I just knew that it would be one of those books that I would have to get my hands on, and likely one of those books that I will read through more than once.  Guess I’ll add it to the ever-growing ‘To-Read’ pile 🙂


April 4 ~ This book was the perfect break after The Rainbow!  It fun and light-hearted, but at the same time it deals with some serious and controversial issues.  Haddon does disappoint with his second novel, although I do still prefer his first!  The characters are fantastic, each very unique and each very well developed.  The story follows George – who has just retired and discovered a ‘tumor’ on his hip, causing him to go a little crazy – and his family – wife, Jean, and grown children Katie & Jamie.  Each family member has a unique sort of relationship with George, and its really interesting to see how they all deal with his downward spiral in to insanity… while at the same time dealing with their own issues!  Probably one of my favourite characters is Katie’s son, Jacob – he is just a sweet  little kid stuck in the middle of this crazy family, yet he has this powerful connection to his Grandpa George through this period in George’s life.  It is quick fascinating to see how George warms up to Jacob and realizes their connection as the novel progresses.

Read this book if you want a quick and fun character-driven novel!