Nic ~ A Fraction of the Whole

25 05 2009

A Fraction of the Whole by Steve Toltz

I saw this book at Costco, and I will be honest, I liked that the cover had holes in it. Cool.  Then I noticed that it said “shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize” and that caught my attention, much like any book with that written on it does.  So I gave the back a read, and it sounded great, AND people said this book was really funny.  So, a win win right?  Here is what I understand so far about this book:  Man is in jail, recounting the story of growing up with his highly eccentric father.  The story spans years and various continents, and numerous interactions with friends and family that have shaped the life of not only the father, but the son.  I’m only about 15 pages in, and it’s already LOL funny, and also somehow seemingly poingnant.  So, I am excited to keep reading and see what develops.