Nic ~ How To Buy A Love of Reading

11 01 2010

How to Buy A Love of Reading – Tanya Egan Gibson

I stumbled upon this book long ago on a Chapters shelve.  It was pretty, and it sounded interesting, but was only in a very expensive hardcover.  I checked it out every time I went, and then low and behold, months later, there was a buy 2 get one sale…and I got it….

And in the end, I was kind of disappointed.

The premise of this book is briefly as follows: privileged young woman is doing poorly in English, so her parents concoct the perfect plan.  BUY her an author to write her her own story.  As she she tries to work with her gift, the author, she is also trying her best to navigate through her own career as an adolescent high school-er, along with a best friend who seems to be losing himself into a shady world he has no control over.

Pretty much, long story short, this book seemed to turn into F. Scott Fitzgerald in the midst of a Gossip Girl episode.  Or so I will assume, seeing as I respect myself too much to have ever watched an episode of it (I do like their clothes though…).  We have a born into privilege  bad boy who used to be a good boy, but just cannot stop doing the bad things…Drama, drama, drama.  Then some more drama.  Then some underage drinking, then some illicit drug use, them some cheating, then some blah blah blah.  Boring, and pretentious, and not even the fun kind of pretentiousness.  I could tell you what happens to our Golden Boy in the end, but you’re going to see it coming from about the 100th page anyways.

This books one ONE saving grace, was that the structure of this book was brilliant.  Seeing as how this book is about writing a book, each subsection of the story itself coincides with what is being written in the fake book….confusing? let me explain quickly:  when our main character and her author begin focusing on the say, theme of the book, the theme of the book you are actually reading is being unfolded at the same time.  Ahhhh…master trickery.  This part of the book is mainly why I kept on going…and I wanted to see what would happen with the main character and her author would do once the best friend went off and did whatever predictable thing he may or may not have done.