Nic ~ I swear I still read books…

11 01 2010

Ok.  So I still have been reading, I swear it!

Recently, I was off work for about 7 weeks due to a surgery.  I intended to do alot of reading, and I did indeed.  Although, due to the nature of my surgery, I actually was not able to hold a book until a lot later until I thought I would be able to.  So, I actually read LESS than I would have thought.  Anyways…now that I am able to type properly again, I am going to go on ahead and type up all the books I read the last few months.

To start with.  All the hoopla going on with New Moon, I had the urge to read not only that, but ALL the Twilight Series again.  So, I read those.  They are….whatever it is they are…no words…

It actually tires me to even think about writing a review for any, let alone all of these books.  So, I will save it up for a later date…


KimN ~ New Moon

20 11 2009

New Moon ~ Stephanie Meyer

Everyone knows which movie came out today.  I’m going to see it on Sunday, hoping that it doesn’t suck as much as the 1st adaptation did!  Anyhow, I thought I’d try to fit a re-read of New Moon to refresh my memory of what the storyline is supposed to be so I can compare it to the movie version!

~ I finished this a while ago and read another book in between… whoops, I need to keep up!  Comments on the movie adaptation… better than Twilight, pretty true to the book, but still not great.  Rereading the book though was just as good as the first time! Obviously!  I can’t wait to re-read books 3 and 4 now.

KimN & Nic ~ TWILIGHT!!!

28 05 2009

As you may have noticed, we both count the Twilight series as an essential piece of our top reads.  We have been ramping up for a huge Twilight post since the day we christened this blog.  At the sign of a fellow Twilight lover’s own blog post, we decided it was time to begin!  Claire Colvin, you have put in to words what we could not express – we have struggled for many a moon to get to this point.  Now we better give you something good…

twilight newmoon Eclipse breakingdawn

So, where do we start with this epic 4-book series for teenagers? Well, first of all… its NOT just for teenagers.  Even Kim’s mom has read them!  On a side note, sometimes it can take a little convincing for a non-teenager to pick up a smash hit teenage book, at first.  It didn’t take so much convincing to pick up books 2,3, & 4.  It all actually started when Kim’s sister-in-law, Kristi, raved about Twilight at a family dinner.  Soon after that, Kim picked up the book at Costco for a mere $7, figuring that if it wasn’t so great it was only $7 anyways.  Well…. to cut to the chase, the book was GREAT and Kim absolutely flew threw it, no longer embarassed about reading a teenage vampire love story, she raved about it to everyone.  Next challenge, convincing Nicole that the book was truly THAT Great and she absolutely HAD to read it!

Nic was not about to read this book.  No way, no how.  She had just started hearing all this crazy insanity spilling forth from Tiger Beat and Teen People, and to be honest, it disgusted her.  Another tweeny bop, pop culture phenom was not something she was interested in involving herself in.  Simpletons.  So imagine her dismay when her astoundingly smart, well read and educated (not to mention astoundingly beautiful) best friend Kimberly started beaking off about these books.  Foreshame.  But Kim kept talking about just how amazing this book was.  So much so, that Nicole read it just to be able to say “OK!  I read it! And it sucked!”.  Jokes on her, cause my bad attitiude sucked!  Yeah, she read ’em.  And yeah, she FLIPPING LOVED IT.  In fact, she read the book over Christmas break.  In fact, she was so sucked into this book series that upon the completion of the book, and after the realization that she had NO access to the next book, became physically sick.  Nicole had to contact Kim and be reassured that life would be ok.  Nicole has read all of these books at least 8 times.  At least.  Judge her.  Judge her all you want.  Because she already judges herself far more harshly on this matter than anyone else ever could.  Nicole had now made it her life’s goal to enlighten all people to the fact that their happiness is pivotal to the reading of this series.

Stay tuned for more upcoming thoughts on the Twilight Saga.

Nic ~ You Suck

21 05 2009

(that’s the name of the book, not just my opinion of you)

You Suck: A Love Story by Christopher Moore

we’ll see how this one goes…I’m trying to read all vampire related books at once, since so much of the folk lore is still fresh in me head.

Finished this on May 24, 3 days later… it was alright.  Very comical at some points, but overall a lot darker of a book then i would normally read.  I think this is probably the norm for a Christopher Moore book.  I did really enjoy the way that the book was written from the various character’s point of views.  Part of this book was even written as journal entries, which really cracked me up, as they were a completely sideways look at what had just happened in the previous chapter.  Overall, a funny, easy to read book, but it lacked in real character development, and took big hop, skips and jumps in the plot line.  I do though think that this may be completely fine, and something the author was aware of when writing.  Just the style.

Nic ~ Books I read In-Betweenie like a WEENIE

8 05 2009

So.  I have been WEAK SAUCE with my keeping up on the posting. What can I say, work was acting up, and the MAN was keeping me down… The last post from me was months ago, and in all honesty, I still have NOT finished the Memory Keeper’s Daughter.  It’s like, a sad book, and when I started reading it I just wasn’t in the right place to read a sad book.  So I lay it aside and read OHHH, about a million H.R Pufnstuf-Fluff books (? confused, don’t act like you don’t know).  BUT.  I haven’t quit reading.  Quite the opposite.  I was simply reading too viciously and at TOO fast a rate to slow down and write about my books.  And I have now come full circle, temporarily relieving myself of my unnerving need to feel happy and mushy and believe in the dumb dumb heroin finding love among the laughter.  So here, I shall list all of the books I read In-Betweenie, while I took a break from serious literature, like a WEENIE to focus on the Silly-Willy-Billy-Nilly-Happy Time Books.  Please note, I shall write NO reviews for any of these books.  I simply haven’t the time…


  • An Offer You Can’t Refuse
  • Millie’s Fling
  • Good at Games


  • Glitter Baby
  • Ain’t She Sweet
  • Breathing Room


  • Sookie Stackhouse Series 1-8

KimN ~ Interview with the Vampire

7 02 2009

 Interview with the Vampire ~ Anne Rice


I just finished reading Interview with the Vampire (literally, like 5 mins ago) so I thought I should compose my thoughts and get my first book review posted on this blog right away!  I choose to read this book because, as you can see from my book list page, I’ve recently raced through the entire Twilight series.  Following that I saw the movie Twilight (BAD), then re-watched Interview with the Vampire and the Underworld series (all great movies) – so I guess you could say I have a recent fascination with vampires!  All over the internet readers of Twilight refer to Anne Rice as the best writer of vampire mythology, so I picked up her first book in The Vampire Chronicles series.

There are a few angles to approach when talking about this book – as always with movie-tie-ins, you can compare the book to the movie.  In this case, I am really glad to have watched the movie multiple times and thoroughly enjoyed it, prior to having read the book.  I find that when you see the movie first and read the book second, you are less likely to be disappointed with the movie.  As usual, there are dozens of parts of the book that were left out in the movie.  Although I know it is always the case, I am disappointed that the movie re-write left large parts of the book out, and was not able to truly convey the depth of the characters or relationships that Rice easily portrays in her novel.  If you are interested, there is a great chart comparing some aspects of the movie to the book on Wikipedia.

How does this vampire novel compare to those of the Meyer variety?  Well, first off, this is definitely an adult novel – no teen angst or young love here!  Rice is far more interested in delving in to the individual, than the relationships between the characters.  It reminds me of the break-up line people use, “Its not you, its me”, implying that there is something they need to work out internally and for themselves before they can truly become part of a relationship.  In the simplest terms, this is Louis’ struggle in Interview with the Vampire.  He cannot come to face the reality of his immortal life, and it is because of this inner turmoil that he never truly establishes a safe, loving, relationship with Lestat, Claudia, or Armand.

Rice portrays Louis as a vampire with such depth – it is a surprising inner struggle for him to accept his life as an immortal.  He is constantly wrestling with his notions of humanity, and their hold on his life.  He is fighting with himself over what it means to be a true vampire.  For Louis it is the realization that, because of his immortality, he will never experience love the way that a human soul would.  It is a struggle between the knowledge that there is love and goodness in the world but, as an inherently evil being, it will never be possible for Louis to live out these human traits in his life.

As part of our reviews, Nic & I have decided to always include a little blurb about who we would recommend this book to.  So, I guess I’d recommend Interview with the Vampire to the following… anyone who has read the Twilight series (be prepared for a slower, tougher read though!), or watched the Interview with the Vampire movie, is interested in the mythology of vampires, or likes to read horror novels (that are more about humanity and the inner struggles than they are truly horrific).